nothing to see here, just some draft to compare some of the budget PC builds I might be able to afford and then upgrade them once im able to afford better parts

all price in IDR with USD conversion included

AMD (mostly new parts)

Ryzen 3 2200G - 1400k ($100) - has a decent igpu to help buy some more time before buying a dedicated one

ASRock X370M-HDV - 975k ($70) - cheapest X370 board i could find, really attractive price, being only slightly more expensive than a mATX B350

G.Skill Aegis 2x4GB DDR4-2400 - 750k ($53) - you can trust g.skill i guess

a decent 500-600W PSU - 600-800k ($40-60) - there are quite a few options, but i don’t want to skimp too much on the PSU due to potential fire hazard

transfer my 970 Evo SSD from my laptop + reuse my 2TB 5400RPM hard drive from the previous PC - so i dont need to buy new drives

reuse my old 1366x768 lenovo monitor till i can buy a decent 1080p one like the AOC monitor i had before

total: approx 3.9M ($275) - a bit too much for my ultra tight budget, might find another option as a workaround, parents wont let me go anywhere above 3M ($210)

Intel 1 (mostly new parts, dont really like it)

the main problem with this build is that intel’s platforms are terrible in terms of upgrade path and g5400 isn’t really a good cpu, but anything above it is way out of my budget

Pentium G5400 - 1150k - not a really good cpu considering how 2C/4T bottlenecks modern titles, and it performs worse than a 2200G

ASRock B360M-HDV - 1100k - again, the HDV series seems to be the most budget solution i can find here

G.Skill Aegis 2x4GB DDR4-2400 - 750k ($53) - same memory option because its DDR4

total: 3.6-3.9M

Intel 2 (some used parts)

this one features either a Xeon 5600 series CPU or an I7-970 or better CPU, which requires a rather expensive X58 board, but some sellers here bundle it with these CPUs making them a decent deal

why choose this particular CPU series? its because these CPUs have 6 cores and 12 threads as well as overclocking capabilities, so while these CPUs bottleneck at the stock speeds due to its aging uarch, when OCed to at least 4GHz they become acceptable in terms of performance with little to no bottleneck when paired with a budget GPU, not to mention these CPUs have gone so cheap nowadays. this configuration is relatively popular among budget PC builders because of these.

Xeon X5650 - 500k - one of the best CPU for the LGA1366 platform since you can find one of these for a bargain and it features 6C/12T, plus its overclockable

or i7-970 (or better) - usually found bundled with the motherboard, can be another great option since this also has 6C/12T

X58 motherboard - varies from 1000k to 2000k - either try finding one with the above cpu bundled in it for the boards that cost 1500k+, or find the one that’s sub-1500k, price can vary wildly. sometimes these boards dont have the IO shields anymore, but its not that much of a problem for me

2x4GB DDR3 - 600-900k - can be kinda hard to find these at a cheaper price here. corsair or g.skill ram preferred

get a stock cooler for this one, aftermarket later on

reuse this old POS geforce 210 lying around in my old prebuilt until i can get an actual GPU (LOL), which means i cant play games on it

total: 2.7-3.7M - i kinda like this one. if im lucky enough to find the cpu and motherboard for really cheap i could save a lot of cash