I’m a college student who’s currently studying public health. I chose the nickname “Chemist Zombie” after the same character in PvZ Garden Warfare. Dunno why but I just like that character so much, presumably because he looks both nice and goofy at the same time (tattered outfit, wears only one shoe, upside-down goggles, etc).

I’m NOT a chemist at all, so please take everything I talk about chemistry with a grain of salt. While I get to learn a bit of chemistry in public health, it’s not sufficient for any kinds of professional advice.

I’m also an administrator on the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki, being there since 2012.

I used to actively maintain my YouTube account but nowadays I don’t do it anymore due to all the controversies surrounding YouTube’s services such as the “adpocalypse”, video demonetizations, and bogus video takedowns. I even got my channel removed from partnership because I didn’t meet the new requirements that were enforced after Logan Paul’s controversy in 2018. After all of those I just completely lost my interest in doing YouTube videos. It’s turned into some kind of a hellhole at this point.

NSFAQ (not safe for not so frequently asked questions)

What’s your name?

Not gonna tell you.

What’s your favorite type of music?

Drum and bass. It’s fun, powerful and deserves a better attention than those shitty Alan Walker tracks.


I prefer action and sci-fi movies. Horror tends to give me a heart attack. Something like Inception or Interstellar are great.


Probably the GTA series before they turned it into a microtransaction online cash cow. Wide open sandboxes often have great replay value, especially if they’re moddable.

Don’t ask me about Fortnite please.


Windows 7, though since its support will end pretty soon, Windows 8.1 (with tweaks to make it look like 7). Fedora is the best distro, and Android is the best mobile OS, because fuck Apple.

Map projection?

Gotta be Robinson, though I also like Lee tetrahedral because it’s a unique conformal projection that fares pretty well in minimizing areal distortions if configured properly.

How frequently do you swear?

A lot. Beware of sudden cluster F-bombs and S-strikes I send out.