A detailed breakdown of PvZW’s history and events that I still remember

This is a detailed breakdown of PvZW’s history that I compiled for the 10th anniversary event, down to the many minor events, mostly from my perspective. Note that I mainly focus on 2012-2013 here because everything was less mundane back then so it’s easier to remember those time periods.

The timeline is sorted in chronological order, with subsequent events being merged into the same day as the first event.

I’ll add more once I could recollect those past events better.



I saved the Crazy Dave article from the wiki, and I still have it today. This was the only evidence that I knew about the wiki even a year before joining it, but I didn’t realize the game’s anniversary until 2013 (7 May was essentially 2 days after the game’s 2nd anniversary).

Some of the blog posts featured in it are: “What’s your plants and zombies idea?”, “iPod achievements”, “Stupidest thing in PvZ”, “Survival Endless setup”, “I, Zombie Endless”, and “Recent Vandalism”. Note that this was when the wiki was still in a low quality state, so it makes sense that some of the blogposts were a bit weird.


Early-mid 2012

AJCatlove drama. I’m not sure about the details but he globally disabled his account after this. This was shortly after I joined.


I joined the wiki. Coincidentally, I actually joined on PvZ’s anniversary date but I wasn’t aware of it back then.

Snowttail was the first user to ever leave a message on my talk page.



Promoted to chatmod, along with Jackass

Late 2012

Rumors about PvZ2 being released in 2013 broke out, which was indeed true.


Wordbubble was added. This template was used for talk page messages, intended to make them look nicer. It is also customizable, allowing for users to modify it to suit their needs. The template still exists today but is no longer used due to the switch to message walls.

Late 2012

Forums were added. It initially only saw limited use, mainly for wiki discussions, but it quickly became popular (or abused) with the advent of the “Fun and Games” board.


This was essentially PvZW’s golden era.

Early 2013

PvZ Adventures released as a closed beta. Everyone WANTED to join the beta testing program but it only had a limited amount of invite links that can only be used for up to 500 users for each link. Princess Kitty was the only more active person on the wiki to successfully join the beta program, and I, along with Jack, literally asked her to leak the contents of it (IIRC). This didn’t go well though, as a PopCap employee by the name of PopCapDemian approached us immediately and warned us to not leak the contents of the game until its release because they were bound to an NDA. All articles leaking the game’s content were shortly removed thereafter. Quoting MignightHawk’s post:

To participate in the Beta, you must agree to a terms and conditions statment [sic], and among the list is the refusal to state any information about PvZA outside of the publically stated info.


Wiki revamp made by Gwaine. He didn’t really contribute to the mainspace and wanted to be an admin dealing with wiki styles but we accepted it anyway back then because why not. Some of the changes he made include adding the lawn background to elements such as buttons and wiki navigation.

This was one of the most major changes on the history of the wiki.


Staff members decided to create articles that were sourced from publicly available contents.


PvZA was fully released for public as an open beta. and articles about the game were restored or re-created due to the NDA being lifted.


First excited, then disappointed: Rant over PvZ2 coming to iOS first before Android, just like what many app devs do. If I have to guess it’s because iOS has much less device segmentation, which makes it it easier to perform things like bugfixes there.

Despite rumors of it coming out to PC, it never did (Android emulators don’t count).


Initial release of PvZ2 on iOS. It was soft launched in Australia first before the international release. I remember some people asking on how to download it when they’re not in Australia.


International releease of PvZ2 on iOS.


I made what might be the cringiest blogpost I’ve ever made here, “[Bye all :(](https://plantsvszombies.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Drek%27TharSuperSword/Bye_all_:(?oldid=214884)”. It’s essentially my rant about how I couldn’t manage to be an admin despite everyone else managed to be one with relative ease.


Unfortunately I don’t remember much about 2014, since that was when I left the wiki for a few months and didn’t make a return until the end of the year, but I do know there was a drama involving Napalm Rosalina. Nonetheless I still don’t really get what happened. Some users have told me that they were blocked due to them having an alt account that was abused to get them promoted easily.

Garden Warfare was released. wonshu jokes incoming from this point on.

PvZA was shut down possibly due to its lack of popularity. This was only a year after it was released.


Demoted to regular user after a few months of inactivity.


“AbramR” vandal attack. It was suspected ThePurplePi did this, but we decided to unblock him after certain discussions. This was a horrible idea: turns out it was him who did it all along, and he tried to make some excuses to avoid getting blocked. Of course, he also did some sketchy things like cheating edits with automated scripts (which counted as fluff editing, and you weren’t allowed to use it in the first place without using bots) and removing warnings and block messages, not to mention he used profanity when removing a message on the forum (this was before swearing was allowed in limited cases), saying “disqualified vote bitch”.


Promoted to forum (discussion) moderator.



Promoted to admin, finally ending that cringe blogpost after 4 years, although I was a bit disappointed about how everyone have gotten it way earlier than me (e.g. Jack, SO456, etc).



“Demoted” for inactivity, only to finally it admin shortly after. Apparently it was due to some people forcing to demote me after the Mee6 leaderboard reset controversy.




*30 April

Probably one of the more controversial changes to the server, in which MS was demoted. The community was enraged by this change but it soon died down.


Well here we are. PvZ’s 10th anniversary, the upcoming 10th anniversary of the wiki, my 7th year on the wiki. Highlights of this month include: