Winkel tripel

Winkel tripel

The only drawback of this projection is that this projection is a bit slow to render on PCs. Robinson doesn’t have the same problem.


Mollweide is one of the better projections for when an equal-area property is needed.

Lee tetrahedral

Why not Dymaxion?

Dymaxion is a

What about AuthaGraph?

While AuthaGraph is indeed a pretty decent projection, the major problem with it is that Narukawa doesn’t publish the equations for it (yet). This effectively prevents people from making their own AuthaGraph maps and anyone who wants it has to purchase it from him.

Considering that he turned this projection into a fairly profitable product (even going as far as making a company under the same name just to market it), there’s a chance that he’ll never publish the equations, and even if he did, the projection would’ve been dozens of years old by the time he did so, or superseded by a better one.

However, some ingenious people have attempted to reverse engineer it. The closest approximation of this projection is probably the one made by Justin Kunimune, which looks so similar you’ll barely notice the difference.