Finding the PS2 version’s intended cheat codes

The PC version’s intended cheat codes have been found a while back when a modder by the name of Alexander Blade discovered a file in the Android version of GTA SA. However, the PS2 version of them still remains a mystery.

Although the PS2 version’s cheat code combinations were much more limited, with only around 2250 different combos each, finding the intended one is still quite difficult due to the fact they only consist of button presses, which aren’t really that meaningful in most cases, so finding them relies mostly on guesswork.

I’ve been trying to find some of them using common sense as well as an Excel add-in called fuzzy lookup. This add-in allows me to search for similarities between two different data, which can be useful because some of these cheat codes are only different by a few button presses, such as the spawn Hydra and Vortex cheat codes, and it appears that cheats that are paired in the cheat index number, like the cheap cars and fast cars traffic cheat codes, are very likely to contain similar button combinations with only minor differences in each.

The problem is that this tool is quite buggy (and shitty, considering Micro$oft made it) because it continuously drains memory while finding the results, causing an “out of memory” error after a while and preventing some progress.

I have to tell you about this: I don’t think the “prostitutes pay you” cheat code has an intended cheat code, as it has a nulled hash indicating it was actually supposed to be scrapped, so I won’t bother finding that one.

Frequent traits of intended cheat codes

Judging from the already-discovered intended cheats that came straight from Rockstar as well as a bit of common sense, there are a few traits that intended cheat codes have:

Note that these are just the general rule of thumb. Some of the cheat codes they released do have combinations that don’t seem to make much sense, such as some of the spawn cheat codes (e.g. Rhino, Bloodring, or Rancher), so most likely we can only find those that make sense, as those that don’t make sense are likely to be misinterpreted as “unintended” chat codes.

Also, not all of these “paired” cheat codes have these similar combinations. For example, the Hotring A and B spawn cheat codes are completely different despite being both official and them being fairly similar vehicles.

Some results

A. Most likely to be intended

Always midnight: :x: :d: :d: :x: :u: :u: :L1: :L2: :L2: :L1:

Orange sky 21:00: :x: :d: :d: :x: :u: :u: :L1: :R2: :R2: :L1:

I’m sure this is the correct cheat code for both cheats considering how the combinations look regular and similar.

Infinite health: :t: :x: :x: :c: :c: :s: :L1: :R2: :L2: :R1:

This is most likely the intended cheat code, judging by the combo.

Cars float away when hit: :L2: :R1: :R2: :L1: :X: :x: :c: :c: :s: :s:

Same reason as above

Riot mode: :d: :r: :s: :s: :t: :t: :x: :x: :L1: :L2:

Same reason as above

Thunderstorm: :R2: :T: :R2: :T: :C: :C: :L: :R: :U: :U:

I didn’t notice this one until now when I started to peruse these patterns more carefully. It appears that this is most likely the intended one, and the fact that it’s 10 button presses long just like the sandstorm cheat code further implies it.

All cars have nitro: :D: :T: :D: :4: :X: :4: :C: :U: :C:

Forms an ABA-CDC-EFE pattern.

Recruit anyone (9mm): :3: :3: :D: :R: :X: :X: :S: :C: :X: :X:

Recruit anyone (rockets): :U: :S: :C: :L: :1: :L: :1: :C: :S: :T:

B. Not really sure if intended

These are some of the cheat codes that do form some kinda pattern but I’m unsure if they’re the intended ones. Be aware that I might just be misinterpreting random noises here, because it’s hard to tell the difference between an intended cheat code and the random ones sometimes.

Adrenaline mode: :T: :R: :D: :1: :2: :S: :S: :3: :4: (TRD-12-SS-34)

Not sure about this one, but that :1: :2: :3: :4: pattern might not be a coincidence.

Infinite ammo: :D: :X: :D: :X: :3: :4: :U: :T: :L: :C: (DXDX-34-UTLC)

This might be a coincidence but it might be the intended one since both :d: and :x: buttons are both located at the bottom while :u: and :t: are at the top, creating a pattern, but :l: and :c: aren’t (they contradict each other), but considering how Rockstar deliberately does this kind of thing in their own cheat combinations sometimes, it might be possible they did this intentionally to prevent people from discovering it too quickly while fiddling around with the controller (e.g. the weapon set 1 cheat where it’s :3: :4: :1: :4: instead of the more regular :3: :4: :1: :2:).

Spawn Hunter: :U: :L: :U: :R: :U: :C: :S: :D: :4: :1: (ULURU-CS-D-41)

Again, not really sure about this one, but “up-left-up-right-up” seems to form a pattern, so this might be it.

Hitman in all weapon stats: :X: :D: :X: :D: :C: :1: :D: :C: :1: :1: (XDXDC-1DC11)

Max all vehicle skill stats: :X: :D: :X: :X: :C: :L: :L: :1: :3: :1: (XDXXC-LL131)

While they might not look very similar, these are the only 10-button combinations for them that have a bit of similarity to it, particularly at that :X: :D: :X: _ :C: part

Country traffic + born 2 truck outfit: :3: :2: :1: :L: :R: :1: :2: :3: :T: :4: :D: (321-LR-123-T4D)

Funhouse theme: :D: :U: :D: :U: :U: :1: :2: :R: :R: :3: :4: (DU-DUU-12-RR-34)

Traffic is cheap cars: :X: :T: :X: :T: :S: :U: :U: :D: :1: :2: :3:

Reduced traffic: :D: :T: :D: :R: :L: :R: :U: :D: :U: :R:

Forms an ABA-CDC-EFE pattern with a random button at the end I guess?

Do nothing: :U: :D: :2: :3: :4: :L: :U: :D: :L: :L: :L: (UD-234-LUD-LLL)

I’m not really sure about this one. There are actually two cheat codes for this one that look as if they’re intended enough, but I chose this one since the pattern looks more like what you’d expect in these intended stuff.

I know this one’s a useless cheat code, but still, considering the hash isn’t nulled it’s probably supposed to be functional at one point

C. Too many candidates

Not yet found:

  1. Infinite oxygen
  2. Adrenaline mode (?)
  3. Infinite ammo (?)
  4. Mega punch
  5. Max respect
  6. Max sex appeal
  7. Hitman in all weapon stats (?)
  8. Max all vehicle skill stats (?)
  9. Spawn Hunter (?)
  10. Spawn Tanker
  11. Spawn Dozer
  12. Country traffic
  13. Traffic is cheap cars
  14. Traffic is fast cars
  15. Country traffic + born 2 truck outfit (?)
  16. Cars fly
  17. Free aim while driving
  18. Reduced traffic
  19. Peds attack you with weapons
  20. Gang members everywhere
  21. Gangs control the streets
  22. Ninja theme
  23. Slut magnet
  24. Funhouse theme (?)
  25. Do nothing (?)

Commonly known cheat codes that are probably intended

I’m gonna exclude some commonly known cheat codes that aren’t published by Rockstar from the search list because they seem legit and regular enough that they’re most likely the intended ones. They are:

  1. Never wanted
  2. Six star wanted level
  3. Sandstorm